Politics and My Childhood

I had started my very first day of school certain I was a republican, maybe it was because I had been involved in politics my whole life or maybe because at the age of 5 I had it all figured out, but I will leave you to decide.

My mother and father, older than average parents, had been involved in politics before I was born. My mother was the controller of the Republican Party of Minnesota and my dad loved every aspect of politics. I was born during a democratic presidency, Clinton, in 1996, but when the next election came around I knew exactly who I wanted to win.

I grew up running around the halls of an utmost republican atmosphere. At the time, I was interested in drawing pictures to hang up in my mothers office and hiding under her desk with my imaginary friends. I used to pretend to be a controller like my mom by pushing the calculator buttons and writing down numbers I made up.

At that time, I did know there was a different party and the views they held, but I did not know there was so much animosity against republicans both in the media and in my future to come.




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