Letting The Media Walk All Over Us

It is sad to me that Republicans do not stand up for what they believe in on social media sites. 

I searched  “Republican” on this site and found countless blogs talking about how terrible and stupid republicans are. Why do we allow democrats to dominate the media? Fox news is as credible of a source as any other news broadcaster, but we allow the media to label them as “right-wing crazies.” Why do we do we allow that? The media should not be dominated by one view of the nation’s progress and setbacks but instead should report many different view points.

So many people find their news on the internet and from one-sided news networks without looking deeper. Most Americans do not take the time to get both sides of a story like they should. When an event happens in our country, you should look at many different sources on it because unfortunately, people do twist the news to make their ideas come through. 

I urge everyone to get both sides to the story like they would if someone told them gossip they heard from one friend about another. You do not take gossip over the actual information, do you? If you do, then maybe you should rethink your methods of receiving information. I urge you to not be so gullible and to research the topic even deeper.  




8 thoughts on “Letting The Media Walk All Over Us

  1. I totally agree! Although I don’t affiliate myself with any specific party because it’s divisive, my views are closer to republican. The divisiveness of political parties is so apparent in today’s society and it’s become a huge problem. Ostracizing one party won’t fix any of our nations problems yet we continue to do it. It’s awesome to see another young adult interested in politics! check out my blog sometime:)

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I started this blog for many of the reason it seems you have. No one around me wants to her my ideas about politics and America because I am surrounded but those who believe any opinion other than their is incorrect.
      I love politics and critiquing how our society runs. We should talk sometime because you seem like someone who has ideas I would like to listen to.

      • Definitely! I face the same problem, and it also worries me how oblivious young people are to the world around them. The majority of the kids I go to school with either don’t know or don’t care, and I feel like they need to be educated somehow, or someone needs to reiterate the importance of knowing how your country’s government works and being up to date on current events.

      • Exactly!! Going to high school and realizing people didn’t know that much about our government or opposite ideologies really shocked me. My school doesn’t teach US history until junior year and this year, many of my classmates didn’t know the checks and balances within the government, how often representatives are elected, or let alone a name of one. If I were to ask people who the speaker of the house were they would probably say Biden. Which is crazy!!
        It’s funny because I didn’t think there was anyone out there who really felt the way I did!

      • My school doesn’t offer any US history classes until junior year either, they do have an AP option though and that’s what I’m taking. The students are a bit more interested, but not anywhere near as educated on our history and government as I had expected. I’m also from New York, so pretty much everyone is a liberal here, it’s kinda ridiculous. I actually also got inspired to start this because of a really awesome independent blog called young conservatives and it’s run by two guys who recently graduated from Dartmouth. Google it sometime it’s pretty inspiring!

      • I will check that out sometime!

        I live in Minnesota which is also super Liberal too but not as cool as New York! I do live in the cities but even with our exposure to the world we are mostly dominated by liberals.

      • New York is pretty cool lol besides the fact that you can’t get a large soda anymore (thanks Bloomburg) and the teachers are pretty much encouraged to teach us all to be liberals. I once had a teacher tell me that conservatives were “just wrong”.. But yeah I’m really excited to have found another blog by a young person, I really had no idea how to even work this whole blog thing

      • Haha, I think you will find teachers like that anywhere! I have found lots teachers who teach us that republicans and conservatives do not know anything too!
        To be honest I didn’t really think anyone was going to read my blog.
        Also, I really like your post about feminism because that’s how I feel about it but not many people really digest it the way you did. It is just exactly what I was thinking!! It seems like we think a lot a like!

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