Women in our society

As a young girl I was taught that I could be ANYTHING I wanted to be in life. I didn’t realize there had never been a woman president or that more men hold higher and better paying jobs. I didn’t see the men in policemen or firemen. I truly did not see the obvious difference between men and women.

Even now, as a teenager that lives in a protected bubble, I still find it hard to believe that since I am a woman, I will get treated differently. I have lived a privileged life where no one has overlooked or disregarded my ideas because I am a woman. The real world will probably surprise me.
I am not a feminist in anyway but I think that our county should have elected a female president by now. Why can’t women be more of a presence in politics? When we do have a woman politician that is making ground, we chastise them and label them. I might not agree with Hilary Clinton but someone who disagrees with her should disagree with her ideas not who she is married to or the fact that she is a woman. People should not have made Sarah Palin out to be a stupid and ditzy girl who thinks she sees a different country from her backyard. Everyone knows what she meant by that but if a man had said it they would not have gone as far as they did with that joke. You might not agree with her politics but chastising her and labeling her is not right.

My own uncle made a comment on the Fox News anchor who was “too pretty to be smart enough to be on TV.” Just because she is a beautiful woman does not mean what she is saying is not accurate or meaningful. Why does her beautify dictate whether her opinions are valid and backed up? To be honest, the world around us scares me and sometimes makes me nervous to enter it.

Finally, I believe that we should judge these women fairly because we need to teach future children of our country that even a woman can become president.