Letting The Media Walk All Over Us

It is sad to me that Republicans do not stand up for what they believe in on social media sites. 

I searched  “Republican” on this site and found countless blogs talking about how terrible and stupid republicans are. Why do we allow democrats to dominate the media? Fox news is as credible of a source as any other news broadcaster, but we allow the media to label them as “right-wing crazies.” Why do we do we allow that? The media should not be dominated by one view of the nation’s progress and setbacks but instead should report many different view points.

So many people find their news on the internet and from one-sided news networks without looking deeper. Most Americans do not take the time to get both sides of a story like they should. When an event happens in our country, you should look at many different sources on it because unfortunately, people do twist the news to make their ideas come through. 

I urge everyone to get both sides to the story like they would if someone told them gossip they heard from one friend about another. You do not take gossip over the actual information, do you? If you do, then maybe you should rethink your methods of receiving information. I urge you to not be so gullible and to research the topic even deeper.